Tuesday, December 31, 2013


We stopped off in Castries harbor with cruise ships to both sides in fact 5 of the bringers of people pollution [bad] and tourist dollars [good for St Lucia] one day.

One of them did a curious thing. They deployed a life raft. Maybe it was an exercise, maybe it was an accident like the time the air hostess deployed the safety slide in Lyon after we had been sitting waiting for 8 hours. Head hostie had an official sense of humor failure as this meant we were condemned to overnight their while they flew out a new bird.

It was interesting watching the skill of the helmsman of these big cruise ships as they worked their way in and out of the tight harbor. However this one
did not endear themselves to us as they polluted the air with some real nasty diesel exhaust fumes, still I suppose that is why you register in Panama.

There is an old harbor tug in attendance though
and I guess from time to time he gets to push on the side of the cruise ship at the designated spot.

We were glad to escape from Castries as our nights had been made unpleasant by car alarms that sounded all night and every night we were there.

I had been worried about the big swell running inducing rolly conditions in Rodney Bay but it seemed to have died down by the time we dropped the hook off the beach in front of the yacht club.

Patricia and Dizzy had a little love in while we watched the sun go down before both decided the day needed to be slept on.

We will be heading up to Martinique soon as our water tanks are empty and there is a major water shortage in St Lucia due to the damage done to the water pipes by the deluge on Christmas eve.
Also still here in St Lucia is the Virgin aircraft that was damaged on landing.

Anyway it is New Years eve and we are getting ready for a night of rum and cruising stories and possibly some fireworks.

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