Monday, March 31, 2014

Collapsed bearing on the crankshaft

Well the reason behind the clonk bang bang became clear on dismantling the engine.

The bottom seal on the crankshaft had failed and the bottom bearing had been subjected to salt water so it failed also. This would also explain why the bottom spark plug needed frequent replacement.

I can only hope that the spares are going to be available.


  1. You need a good old seagull. British built to last. Screwdriver, multi-spanner and a hammer, is all that's needed to maintain them. Oh yes and a good supply of spark plugs.
    You could become the Caribbean rep for the SOS society.
    I suppose that's the SOSS. You have loads of spare tinkering time LoL.

    1. Ah but you have to consider the oil slick you leave behind a Seagull and the risk to the dinghy passenger of being whipped to death during the starting process.

  2. I had forgotten about whipping the passengers, oh happy days.