Sunday, May 18, 2014


Everything seemed brighter sharper and more vivid this morning as I sat in my usual cockpit corner and watched the bay come to life.

The beach front service provider's boats are colourful and the sun is shining on the water allowing me to see the bottom clearly where I am anchored despite it being 30 ft.

But a rain squall was blowing in over the mountains and I thought about shutting hatches.

However I got this shot before heading below. Very colourful.

Hatches closed and I had a chance to look out the other side to see that we had a complete bow with a hint of a second.

There were more colourful clothes in this French landing craft on it's way to give the sailors some liberty in the Saintes. One of the stories that circulates about the Saintes is that in the early part of the last century the French authorities were concerned about inbreeding in the Saintes and sent out a couple of French warships full of randy French sailors to solve this problem. I wonder if history is being repeated?

People do the funniest things. Outboard motors go wrong from time to time and you need to be able to row or paddle. Well I dont fancy this sailor's chances.

Nobody is stealing the oars but I can't see anybody rowing with them either.

Finally a pair of pelicans kept Dizzy enthralled for the afternoon.

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