Sunday, May 25, 2014


There was a fair bit of VHF PAN PAN traffic from the French coasties as I came into St Pierre as a Canadian sailboat was seen drifting around in the bay with no one aboard. I passed it but single handed was not prepared to try to take it in tow and there are lots of fairly powerful fishing boats around. But as I anchored I could hear that the coastie was not having any success raising someone to tow it in which I thought was strange as it should be a nice little earner for a commercial fisherman.

Finally a French minnow went out and towed the bigger boat back in and reanchored it.

The town of St Pierre was en fete as they say and I really enjoyed the big brass band jazz session on the town square.

Dizzy, also known as Mr Elegance, took a more relaxed approach to life while I enjoyed Basin Street Blues and Tiger rag.

Finally there was a bit of sad news. The tall ship Unicorn which made appearances in some episodes of Pirates of the Caribbean and had operated out of St Lucia giving sunset cruises sank as she made passage down to St Vincent where she was to be hauled out and refitted.

She was in a poor state with holes in her hull when I last saw her.

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