Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Comfortably at anchor in the Saintes.

I have been living in interesting times. I have had three nights with little sleep, dragged twice both times when I was sure that I was firmly anchored and had been so for at least 12 hours. We have had a small and unforecast rotating storm move through. Very strong winds and big westerly swells. The wind being 40 knots gusting 60 at times.

At times the rolling was so severe that stuff was flying all over the cabin and it was quite dangerous to move around. Getting any rest meant I needed to use a lee cloth.

Still I managed and as soon as it died down a little on day 3 headed to the Saintes where there is protection from such a swell. Several boats were damaged and at least on person is missing. My bimini is in tatters but the dodger is holding together. At least two people are in hospital with serious hand injuries from working with anchor chain.

Dizzy disapproved of the weather an went into hiding for a day and a half. I was sure he had gone overboard in one of the squalls but I think he was hiding in the mainsail cover. Anyway I was really glad to see him when he reappeared.

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