Saturday, September 6, 2014


Sunday it was raining but the wifi was good so I entered for an online Pot Limit Omaha tournament, PLO as I have grown a little bored with No Limit Holdem, I don't win but do make the final table so well into the money.

Monday the sun was shining so I dink round to Secret Harbor for the Cruisers poker tournament and win that. That evening flushed with success enter a single table tournament and win that. I am HOT.

So I am not even going to try to sweet talk any ladies this week.

I have not bothered snorkeling for a week or two as the swell has been rolling in on the reefs and there would be very poor viz. but it has been down for a day so I go out and try one of the outer reefs.

Conditions were excellent except I kept getting photobombed by this parrot fish that followed me around.

Not sure about the turtle, it might have been a Ridley [rare] or a Green [not rare].

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