Saturday, August 30, 2014


Calivigny Island is owned by a billionaire and while it is really his holiday home he does rent it out supposedly for half a million a week.

I am at anchor off their beach so kinda know what is going on by the comings and goings of the various boats that service the island and bring the workers out.

I was aware that there was some guests in residence as the covers were off the pool chairs and the full lights were on at night. The jet skis had blasted around but stayed well away from the anchored boats and the big sports fisherman had been out working the reefs. But it was generally quiet. That all changed last night. It started with a kind of nightclub with all the lights, then there was a laser light show with music which lit up the clouds. This was interspersed with a DJ playing some stuff but more pleasant music than the thump thump thump of the soca we usually here.

That all changed when the fireworks started. What a magnificent show. This was no $100 dollar assortment. This was the pros with their best stuff.

When the first air burst cannon went off Dizzy came down below at warp speed. I went up to watch and soon he came back up curiosity getting the better of his fear.

The smell of the black powder drifted across the water and the moon lit up the drifting smoke trails. This was a show to rival New Year on the Thames[ when they had the money! ]

It was no 5 minute flash in the pan it must have gone on for 20 minutes and this is the finale.

Well it will be as soon as I find out what Windows has done with the file. GRRRRRRRR


  1. You must try Windows 8. I loose apps as well as files. A spectacular step backwards. Looking forward to seeing the video, hope you find it.