Thursday, January 15, 2015

Tobago Cays to Petit Martinique to Frigate Island just off Union Island.

We have had a busy few days. It was blowing hard enough at times in the Cays that the big cruise ships that anchor in the lee of the islands ran for shelter while we toughed it out.

It dropped a little which encouraged me to make the short passage over to Petit Martinique. I was impressed that neither Hope or Jan were ill as we were beam on to pretty big swells.

We went ashore in Petit Martinique for lunch only to find a lack of choice. Only one place open and the cook had gone home. I guess business is poor. Lunch was good though, eventually!

We sailed back to Union Island today with Hope doing most of the work including helming us through the gap in the reef and working the big genoa, the only sail we used. The girl has biceps! Rolling that big genoa in is tough.

We cleared out and will sail back to Carriacou tomorrow.

Hopes feet in the Tobago Cays, she left nothing but footprints.

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