Tuesday, January 13, 2015


Conditions have been a bit wild and wet out in the Cays. We have had quite a number of squalls come through chasing us below and the usual muted surf noise has been replaced by a loud roar with great bursts of spray coming from some of the reef breaks.

The high winds have provided some great conditions for the kite surfers who have been howling through the anchorage,
one of them even has a board with a foil which lifts the board clear of the water.

The turtles are not as plentiful as in previous years probably because the seagrass is so sparse but there were a few and both Jan and Hope found them and were able to see them feeding.

Hope also found a friendly box fish
who was clearly on a retainer from the Tobago Cays Tourist Board and required to pose for the tourist cameras.
We also went to an area with some coral heads and I was surprised at how good the visibility was considering the height of the waves hitting the reef.

The conch conservation program is working and there were lots of fully mature conch around even in shallow water. In areas like south Grenada it is really rare to see a sizeable conch in less than 25 ft.

We climbed Baradal and the iguana were out in considerable numbers which was in marked contrast to my last visit when after an unsuccessful search on Baradal I had been reduced to showing my guest the garbage iguanas that haunt the rubbish pit behind the barbecue area.

We also came across a red toed tortoise tucking into a fallen cactus.

I am finishing with a few pics of the birds in Tyrrel Bay.


What is the party boat doing there, well watch this space.

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