Sunday, August 2, 2015


One of the more interesting liveaboards

is this 1917 sardine factory boat, built in Maine from long leaf yellow pine and originally worked without an engine. She now has a big old Detroit diesel and is sheathed in fibreglass. She even has an unusual name Woiee. But now too big for the owner and up for sale.

Nigel from Falcon is an expert and put on a very informative session on how to catch fish.

Now I have almost given up this year with only one fish caught on passage and masses of seaweed. Nigel has just done a delivery from Grenada to Florida and admitted to catching nothing in the Caribbean sea on this passage due to the weed. But he was immediately successful once past Puerto Rico and the weed.

I came away with several ideas.


The new boatyard has just got their travel lift and are busy putting the bits together. Big boy lego they called it.

It will be the biggest in the Eastern Carib and I guess the yard are looking forward to getting some megayacht business.


BLUE MOON Super party at Bengie Bay with both local talent and yotties providing the music.


This very large barge got towed in, went aground nearly took out two anchored boats but the tugboat skipper managed to get it off the reef without hitting anything and left.

I had assumed he had been on a delivery of building materials to the new boatyard but I was wrong. I got talking to one of the seamen from the tug and it turns out that they were heading up to another island when their cargo shifted and the barge became unstable. The new boatyard has both island cranes on hire so the skipper had to come to the cranes. He finally got one of the port cranes in St Georges to fix his problem.

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