Monday, December 21, 2015


My solar panel controller failed. I got on the net and found one at Budget Marine in St Marten.

Monday morning I phoned them up, yes they had one. Great, please send it to me by Fedex to RBM in St Lucia. No came the reply we can't do that it is too complicated. Go see our agent.

Still Monday find the BM agent go in and pay for it and get them to get it sent using their 2 day service with DHL.

Wednesday morning go in and ask if it has arrived, if not can I have the tracking number please. Agent phones BM St Marten to find it has not been sent.

Thursday get tracking number which shows it was picked up by DHL on Wednesday. I have hopes for Friday but accept it will likely be Saturday.

Item finally arrives Monday which is a public holiday.

Tuesday go and see the BM agent to be told it missed the lorry.

Wednesday it is on the lorry.

No it is not,

BM St Marten have sent the wrong paperwork. Flurry of faxes. BM agent sec. is embarrassed and goes in person to DHL office to pick it up only to be told the paperwork has not yet been done. Secretary suggests I go in person to DHL office. I have a meltdown, biting the carpet, frothing at the mouth and speaking in tongues. OK Slight exaggeration but she get the message I am not happy.

Thursday morning am told that a senior partner in the business will take me in to the DHL office. We arrive in the DHL office well prepped with boat papers, customs clearances, multiple copies of both invoices etc. The in house shipping agent STARTS to fill out the paperwork. It is now 11.30am, he goes to see the inhouse customs officer to be told she is on her lunch break and will be back at 2.30pm YUP folks a 3 hour lunch.

I go and sit in Derek Walcott square and practice some calming mediation using the mantra “OMM ISLAND TIME OMM”.

2.30pm sees the partner and I back at the DHL office. The shipping agent has completed the papers and goes to see the customs officer. He comes back shaking his head and tells us that she can not look at it till tomorrow as she is busy.

The partner has a quiet meltdown but an effective one. We are allowed to leave with the sealed packet and the shipping papers on the STRICT understanding that we go straight to the customs office in Rodney Bay.

The customs officer in Rodney Bay asks me to open the parcel, glances at the paperwork and says “Yacht in transit?” I say “yes” “No charge” “Thats it ?” He says “ Yes”. 11 days and I have the part.

So SLAP ME UPSIDE THE HEAD if I ever forget and try to order anything from Budget Marine St Marten by DHL.

Defender and Fedex is the way top go.

Fitting the new controller was a 10 minute job and we soon have a a battery bank that is full charged again.

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