Tuesday, December 1, 2015


A great sail this Sunday morning from Bequia up to Wallilabou. Well At least Julie and John thought so, Dizzy was of a different opinion.
Still he put up with it and is at this moment watching

the boys at play on the old dock from the Pirates of the Caribbean set built by Disney.
The locals who have been enjoying the extra visitors who come to see the sets and general memorabilia are appalled that the sets are disintegrating and have been pressing Disney to come and rebuild them. The chances of this are somewhere between slim and none and slim has left town.
I am not sure if I will trust my stern line to the remnants of the dock for much longer, perhaps a tree might be better next time.
Julie and I set off to walk up to the falls leaving Dizzy on guard duty.
I said " Hi " to Issa as we passed the sculpture garden and then a local stopped and gave us a lift the rest of the way, I must be looking prettty decrepit I guess.

The falls

and the gardens worked their magic on both of us.

Afterwards I had a reflective beer while Julie set off to do some more hiking.

I meandered home to Elephants Child and Dizzy.

We set off at crack of dawn next morning and hung on through the usual rough seas and accelerated winds on the North end of St Vincent. The conditions were starting to settle down when I saw we had a fish on. The Mahi Mahi hit the grill for dinner that night.

Marigot Bay is a great introduction to St Lucia but all the businesses are in shock as the anchor business, the Moorings charter operation has left for Rodney Bay.
I heard as I checked in that the first ARC boat was in and had set a new record. Team Brunei making it across in an elapsed time of 8d 7h 39m 30s.


  1. Are we talking about Dennis' Hideaway Mayreau ?

    If yes we did not make it this time as we were in a hurry to get to the Tobago Cays.

  2. Meant the rain forest hide a way in Marigo Bay,was there in October