Thursday, March 31, 2016


It has been a busy few days. My toilet broke and the spare needed was the only thing I did not have on board. A quick call around the anchorage on the radio produced advice but no spare.

I knew I needed to get it fixed before I left Carriacou because the chances of finding the part in Union or Bequia was between slim and no chance. { and Slim has left town }

So two days later got the spare and after struggling with stiff hoses in very inaccessible lockers we have a working toilet. BTW Murphy's 4th law states boat toilets go wrong just before guests arrive.

Sailed up to Union then on to Bequia in time for the Easter regatta. I came across one boat that was in trouble and wanted a tow in but as I was single handed I felt it was more than I wanted to tackle so called for help as I could see the SVG coastguard was in the bay and stood by the disabled boat until they arrived. Watching the spinnaker class start was exciting as always as conditions were pretty gusty and there were quite a few spectacular round ups.

The local boats are getting more sophisticated each year and a carbon fibre mast must be next on the agenda for some. The one I support is called Confusion and was leading the fleet on day one. More results to come.

But one class that seems to defy innovation is the coconut class.
Gisela enjoyed the sunset as well as the preceding sundowner and after catching up on sleep we romped down to Bequia.

She was also amused to see how Dizzy cuddles up to me for safety when we are sailing.

The hook is down in Bequia and we are both being laid back tourists running on island time.

So we could admire this somewhat unusual assymetric two piece hard dinghy

and wonder why the local kids were collecting starfish.

The Tobago Cays are next on the agenda and some snorkeling with turtles.

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