Monday, April 4, 2016


Cheryl at the Fig Tree restaurant has been running a splendid fish Friday and we booked our table and were not disappointed.

The music was good the fish was excellent and the dessert dish of chocolate samosas just outstanding.

Saturday we filled the water tanks as it has been a long dry spell and we could have problems down island. Daffodil's water barge arrived eventually, they definitely run on island time.

We watched this boat pass two days in a row, either extremely heavily loaded or partially sunk. Very odd indeed.

Good to see that the kids that are growing up and past the Optimist stage have local boats to sail.


We left on Sunday past the floating multi story car park otherwise known as Club Med 2

Dizzy who clearly hates sailing adopted this post as if he was hanging over the side and being sick. Poor boy. Still he perks up as soon as the anchor goes down and soon is demanding to be fed.

We pulled into Charleston Bay the big anchorage on the west coast and were soon enjoying a cooling swim followed by a sundowner.

Our vigilence was rewarded with a green flash and a great sunset

The next day rather than head for the Tobago cays as I had planned we followed the recommendation given in the new Doyle cruising guide and rented a golf cart to tour the island. Now there was no nonsense about license or insurance we were just let loose on it. I checked it over and found it was correctly licensed and had excellent tires. Both being a little unusual for island vehicles.

We had to watch out for very slow moving foot traffic.

Rain showers gave us an excuse to stop for some refreshment.

We liked the two cattle egrets standing guard over the goats.

Ho Hum off to the Cays tomorrow and Gisela hopes to swim with turtles again.

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