Monday, April 18, 2016


After a splendid sunset viewed frpm Ashton harbor we moved round to Chatam Bay.

On the way we saw this unusual sight, someone flying a spinnaker while towing two dinghies!

But we were soon round the corner and anchored in Chatham Bay.

The first time I was here back in the early 90s there was one guy who would run a Sunday barbecue on request. Now there are several quite impressive beach shacks and regular menus.

Some seating requires careful inspection though.

At the other end is a more serious installation with a big bar a swimming pool and a big restaurant.

Gisela helped drink the bar nearly dry.

Which was not too hard as they only started with three bottle in stock.

We discovered they only had three rooms although a fourth was planned.

You too may be puzzled by their business plan?

At least the iguana seemed fat and happy.

Not so this fellow by the reception desk.

But their worries were not ours. Back on the boat, Dizzy Sox was fed and the captain had his chefs hat on making dinner while Gisela watched the world go by.

No phones No internet no paved road no water no lecky no worries!

I am writing this in the lee of Frigate Island in Ashton.

Pic courtesy of Jan Oliver.

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