Monday, April 25, 2016


harter Kern

Gisela belongs to a heart group in Germany and they call themselves “Hard Core” and the members all have nicknames. Gisela is Caribbean Queen.. So when we saw the nickname for the driver of this Caribbean minibus we just had to get a shot of Gisela by the bus.

We spotted this fine vehicle, the island version of the stretch limo.

And watched the wooden ex mailboat now called Scaramouche leave for a day on the water with it's cargo of happy tourists.

She was sailed off the mooring and no engine was involved.

After provisioning in Union Island where we saw this sign.

But this tolerance does not extend to one exotic intruder the Lionfish.

We are back in the Tobago Cays for a few days. It is hard to put in to words how beautiful this little bit of paradise is.

Dizzy has the position of official bird scarer on board Elephants Child. He takes the job seriously.

Identify the target.

Wait till it settles.

Commit to the stalk.

Get to 6 feet from target and make a 5 feet attack charge.

He is not so sure what he should do about these pesky turtles though.
We climbed the small island of Baradel and were not surprised at how dry everything looked. It must be a tough time for the iguana population as the leaves they eat can have little or no moisture.

Anyway lotus eating in paradise is over for the mean time and we are heading North to Bequia tomorrow Tuesday.

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