Saturday, May 7, 2016



Gisela and I

enjoyed an evening promenade through the village of Hamilton

and up to the battery

overlooking the harbor

where we enjoyed our sundowner.


We went exploring Bequia by bus.

Paget Farm is the largest community in Bequia, an 18 square kilometer island of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. The predominantly fishing community of approximately 750 individuals of mixed African, Scottish and Carib Indian descent is located on the southwest coast near the island’s airport.

Paget Farm is intricately connected to the sea. Its local economy has been significantly impacted by the loss of the country’s seafood export rights to the European Union in 2004, which now prohibits the sale of products to their main market in Martinique.

All this exploring is thirsty work.

All the houses have splendid views.

We finished off our week in Bequia with a splendid evening out at the Fig Tree.

I had planned to leave it to Sunday before sailing over to St Vincent but the weather was looking iffy for Sunday so we pootled over on Saturday with the wind in our favor we could lay Young island Cut in a single tack.

The rain did arrive but cleared up by mid day Sunday and we took the opportunity to explore Young Island resort.

A lovely old mango tree.

A St Vncent parrot, very rare in the wild.

But Condor was coming to carry Gisela back to Germany and her neglected garden.

While I left the delights of the cut and it's bumpy rolly moorings for the peace of Bequia.

Mind you I wondered what is going on when this rumbled in. Maybe they are expecting a drugs interception. Who knows.
French Navy Maito-class large harbour tug MAITO A636. 
Launched: 6 Jan 1984 In service: 27 Feb 1984. 
228 tons light 280 tons loaded 27.6m x 8.9m x 3.5m 11 knots 
Crew: 6 total + 4 passengers 
Built for service at Muraroa. Based at Fort-de-France.

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