Saturday, May 14, 2016


After a few days round the South side of Bequia anchored off Petit Nevis and snorkeling my buns off I returned to Admiralty bay to meet up with Chris who looks after my bimini and dodger.

She had finally got some of the special white vinyl I wanted and made my new bimini.

This was badly overdue but I wanted made in Stamoid rather than Sumbrella.

I can stop worrying as the old one was fragile and could have been blown to shreds in a squall.

I also had my front dodger windows replaced. I had asked Chris of Bequia Canvas to do this but she had no suitable transparent material that she was comfortable using.

I had asked around and apparently something has changed and many manufacturers are having problems with general chalking and sun related streaking. Mine were only 18 months old and needed replacing.

I had arranged to have some new chaps made for Mr Dinghy. Grenadine Sails do a really good job and for a very fair price. They also did the dodger windows.

Dizzy checks out the new clothes.

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