Tuesday, May 31, 2016


It was good to see one pelican back in Frigate Bay, nothing like the dozens that were here in the past but at least there is one.

Past days

This green crested hummer stayed put long enough for me to get a good shot which is unusual.

Is it safe? [ Marathon Man ] For the first time in 13 years crusing I was feeling unsafe and
I started looking into making it harder to break into the boat. This was in reaction to a boat invasion that happened in the Tobago Cays at the weekend. I found that I could brace the sliding part forward and wedge it tight shut with a wooden batten. The invaders had got past the usual deadbolt which had offered little resistance I reckon my wooden batten will offer more resistance. I did use it for a night then heard that the local police had the three guys in custody.

I am tired tonight as Smiler and I have taken a trip out to Worlds End Reef and snorkeled on the drop off. It was disappointing because as we got there some heavy cloud cover appeared. Even if it had been sunny the bleaching was bad on the area we covered and there was little life to be seen.

I am cleared out and off South tomorrow down to Tyrel bay in Carriacou.


  1. I hope you had a good sail down to Tyrel Bay. I have just experienced the power of the humble barnacle. My mentor here mentioned that the boats bottom needed a clean and true enough it was bad. After cleaning the fuel consumption is almost half of before. I have no idea when it was last cleaned or painted so I suppose anti fouling is in order, oh joy.

  2. A dirty bottom is a terrible thing on a boat. I use an 8 inch SS scraper mounted on an 8 ft pole. I can do my 44 ft hull in about an hour working from the surface in snorkel gear.