Friday, November 4, 2016


The Petit Calivigny yacht club were match racing with Hobie cats.

Fun for all ages.

While over at Le Phare Bleu I snapped the rudder of this little yacht.

It has not moved for at least 3 years and to add to the mystery it has no visible name or numbers.

It does have at least 3 inches of growth on the rudder and hull.

DHL delivered well almost.
I had a boat bit sent down from Canada to Carriacou. I was expecting to get it by post but for some reason the sender used DHL.

Now that would not be a problem except that DHL route all customs processing through St Georges in Grenada. The notification was delivered by a smart young man and I had to sign off on a modern LCD screen that I had received it. But in Grenada after completing all the customs folderol and registering it electronically the last step involved a smart young woman filling in the information in a giant old fashioned ledger.

Has LA gang violence come to blight Milton Keynes?

The police look for evidence in a shooting in Osprey Close, Eaglestone.

An old friend from the Open University in Milton Keynes retired this summer and part of her retirement plans are to spend some time in the Caribbean on Elephants Child after selling her houses. But she has the misfortune to own properties in Milton Keynes that are close to unsaleable in part because insurance companies just laugh when they see the postcode. Her own car has been stolen and her house has been broken into 3 times in the last 3 years. She says at times she thinks it is a third world war zone outside her door. She says it is no longer safe to go out after dark or to walk around anywhere at any time.

Make my recent concerns about theft and violence in the Caribbean pale into insignificance.

I was snorkeling on the reef at the South end of Tyrell Bay when I was monstered by an aggressive blowfish. I guess he/she might have been defending eggs but it is the first time I have seen a blow fish do it. The pic is not mine every time I point the camera at him he butted it

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