Wednesday, November 9, 2016


There has been a number of thefts from boats mostly at the weekends and generally when the boats are unattended. Based on the sort of things stolen it was clear that it was not being done by someone with any boating interests. Generally they were in other bays and not mine but just recently most weekends there was a break in to a boat in Clarks Court bay. The Grenada police acting on a tip off from a local raided an address in the St David area.

Rondel Jones and Jayar Ross, residents of Marquis, were apprehended during a police operation which turned up a quantity of items believed to be have been stolen from a yacht that was docked at Clarke’s Court Bay. They also recovered items believed to have been stolen from other yachts.

But one of the buggers has escaped Jayar is said to be armed and dangerous.


Why does Dizzy take every opportunity to settle down on my chest ON TOP of my book.

He never gets on my chest unless there is a book there.

Ah well I shall ponder the matter of the cat book sitter as I enjoy my sundowner.

Not a spectacular sunset but a subtle one with gentle pinks and purples.

The G&T with salsa based nibbles was extra tasty this evening.

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