Saturday, November 19, 2016


There are a few good snorkel spots that are accessible from a beach on an uninhabited island and I thought I wood make a visit this morning timing it so as I would get there when the light was best around mid day.

I beach the dink in a sheltered cove on a sandy beach and walk over to the reef. It is still a bit stirred up but not bad. I explore the reef a little further than usual but come across nothing unusual or worth photographing.

Making my way back to the cove and my dink I can see a local dive boat beached on the cove and some curious activity going on around my dink. People are waving around giant white shields and it is all being photographed.

A few steps closer and I realize that I have returned to find my dink is starring in a PORN shoot and a lovely young girl is displaying all of her abundant assets while draped across my dink.

I recognize the guy standing by the dive boat as he is a regular on the lionfish hunts so wander over slightly bewildered by all this activity as the make up girl is working on the stars flowing locks and dressing the girl in a single blue garter.

Joel soon fills me in and asks if I mind them using my dink. The photographer chimes in and says that the red color of my dinghy chaps sets off the brides natural colors.

Bride? I am bewildered I say but is that part of the story of the PORN film.

No they say laughing at me. She is getting married at one of the local hotels and this is called " The boudoir shoot " and is all part of the wedding package. It will be part of the wedding album.Really bewildered now I say sure go ahead as long as it does not take to long. I ask about the white shields and he explains that they are used to reflect sunlight and help with natural lighting of the bride. Still wondering if my leg is being pulled I ask the photographer to explain more about this boudoir shoot thing. She tells me it is all the rage and that brides seem to be competing to be the most daring.

The photographer wanders back as the make up girl indicates she is done, she clicks off the final shots and they are done. The bride now wearing some clothes comes over to thank me and I get a kiss on the cheek. The topless photographer topless shield maidens and the make up girl all get dressed and off they go in the dive boat.

Still unconvinced about this boudoir shoot and feeling that I had been the subject of an elaborate wind up I ask Mr Google about it when I get back to the boat.

Mr Google soon comes up with the facts that these sexy undraped shots are indeed the norm for many brides and that the hotel in Grenada is offering the boudoir shoot as part of the package is just one of many. It also explains that to make the bride feel less self conscious it is not unusual to employ an all girl crew on the shoot who also get undressed.

Realizing that the world has changed while I have been lotus eating on my boat I settle down to enjoy my sundowner and reflect on a very surprising day.

Realizing that this blog post needs a picture here is one of a sargent major.

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  1. You had a camera, no shots? Well that was a weird snorkeling trip. Yes the world has changed :-D