Monday, February 13, 2017

Snow in the high country passes Tomach Inn Rubber Ducky Care Package Crested Butte and Powderhorn

I had left myself a day of wiggle room when planning the trip to make sure I did not have to make it across Monarch Pass in bad weather.

Well I needed it. I left on the early day and had a =n easy run over the pass to Gunnison. But near the summit the snow walls at the roadside were 10 feet or more. The next day both Vail pass my alternate route and Monarch pass were closed on and off as trucks got stuck and slid back or jackknifed.

I had a room reserved at the Inn at Tomichi.

The room came with it's signature extra inhabitant allowing me to bath with a friend.

When I checked out I got a care package to help me survive the next leg of my trip.

Nice place.

The purpose of the trip had been to ski Crested Butte and Powderhorn.

Crested Butte had been sleeting both days and the light had been very poor.

As drove past Delta in the valley en route to Powderhrn it was looking a little more hopeful and as I got to the top of Grande Mesa I burst through the cloud into bright sunshine and beautiful snow.

Unfortunately Powderhorn is on the side of the mesa and it was in cloud.

I drove in and waited for a while to see if things were going to improve but there seemed to be little wind and the forecast had talked about little movement of the weather system.

So it was bye bye to Powderhorn and on towards Utah.

I dropped maybe 500 ft and I was out of the mist. So frustrating.

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