Friday, February 10, 2017


Slightly dubious about skiing today. The plan was to ski Breck in the morning then drive to Gunnison via Monarch pass.. However the jet stream is right over Colorado. Breck is reporting 90 mph wind gusts and the next installment of the Pineapple Express is arriving this afternoon.

I guess I can drive up and have a look dodging the blown over trucks. Lots of these on the news including 3 on Monarch pass.

But I can see the high altitude winds are blowing snow off the peaks.

They have some lower chairs that run through the trees and I finished up on these for a couple of hours of enjoyable groomer zooming. I had decided that I would only ski if the new town gondola was running. It was as I left the car but they shut it down as I got there. As I was there I hassled onwards taking the bus to Peak 9.

It was sunny warm and really windy at times. Hence the snow devils dancing on the pistes.

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