Saturday, April 8, 2017


Having watched this hard working fisherman all morning we had a very late lunch and set off round the corner to Chatam Bay on the west coast of Union Island.

I was excited to see the giant 3 masted square rigger the Maltese Falcon. All 289 feet and 1240 tons of her. She was under full sail and must have been doing around 20 knots. I had seen her before but either in port getting her complicated rig worked on or on passage under motor. But here she was under sail.

As she started to furl her sails it looked likely that she was heading for Chatam Bay too.

As we enjoyed our sundowner she dropped the hook in the outer part of the bay and gave Gisela a splendid photo opportunity.

Dizzy was not impressed by the giant boat but was on the bimini and alert for any head jumping opportunity that presented itself but soon retired to his usual little old man pose while waiting for dinner.

After a lazy day in Chatam we motored round to the Cays

The beaches were as white as usual.

The water crystal clear.

With only 25 boats left as the sunset, reasonably uncrowded. I have seen 200+ at Christmas week.

Where we had a snorkel before enjoying our sundowner with some JD instant pizza snacks.

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