Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Tyrell Bay Carriacou to Grenada

We had a fast run down to the North end of Grenada with 9s and 10s on the GPS in SOG mode [ Speed Over Ground].

We celebrated with cheese Nachos [ Petra it is all Gisela's fault ] See she is hiding them.

But they are good.

Dinner in the cockpit was good too with mashed regular and sweet potatoes plus lumpy carrots. [ DELICIOUS ] beside thin cut pork chops with Bramley apple sauce and lots of red wine to help it go down.

We thought back on the marine life we had seen;

two whale spouts on the horizon.
a beautiful lionfish that posed very nicely for us in the sunlight off Tyrell Bay. He/she was more like a chrysanthemum than a fish. We did not have a photo of him as my underwater camera had died but this is what he looked like.

Gisela spotted a large marlin jumping out of the water and landing on his side.

Stingrays jumping high out of the water in Tyrell bay.

Spotted Drums posing for us off the Devils Table reef

But all things end and Gisela catches the big bird back to Germany tomorrow.

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