Sunday, June 6, 2010

Cul de Sac du Marin in Martinique not the one in Guadeloupe.

It is a strange and sometimes confusing fact that place names are repeated over and over again throughout the Caribbean eg.Cul de Sac du Marin, Soufriere, Georgetown, Cabrit, etc.

But I am in the southeast corner of Martinique anchored off the center of the charter boat industry in Martinique and from the number of charter boats at the dock or at anchor the charter industry is not doing well here.

I passed the world famous Martinique Club Med village on my way in and guess what, not a guest in sight, in fact it looked completely deserted but somehow not dilapidated. Perhaps this is their shutdown month or perhaps they are not doing well either.

I met my friends on the Polish/Canadian boat Lala and they have been living in interesting times with a leak which gave them a bilge full of water, a failed bilge pump and this led to a their transmission failing so they have to sail everywhere now. To get to their transmission means a big dismantling job then cutting out the cockpit floor with a chain saw. Still they are not dismayed. I offered to “buddy boat” them down on the next legs of their trip South to Grenada but they have to do school stuff in Martinique for a while so I will not be needed.

However I felt I was needed by some furry friends, first of all he needs to get rid of his fur coat

and they need a home. I was sorely tempted as they were cute and socialised but NO.

Marin is home to quite a few of the less well off cruising community, and their boats do tend to reflect this.

This is actually a ferrocement boat but painted to look wooden with an interesting problem at the bow.

This one is less seaworthy than most but still a home for someone.


  1. Wouldn't have thought the best place for a Beardie was the caribbean, I dread to think what is running around in that coat. The cats remind me of the ones in Greece, thin and too many.Looks like there is a vacancy for animal rescue in the islands. I am off to Tenerife at the end of the year to do just that.

    Looks like you have a serious Hurricane season coming up.

  2. The beardie did seem to be OK but would flop down pretty often so I think he was overheating.

    The cats were being fed but were not neutered so more would be on the way soon.

    There are some animal protection workers around but not enough and the feral cat / dog problem is bad.

    The forecast for an above average hurricane season is a cause for concern esp. as I am a little further North than I would like to be but the diesel tank is full and I can leave at an hours notice for somewhere the hurricane is not going to.