Friday, June 11, 2010


After a couple of wild weather days where we had 40 knot squalls ripping through the anchorage in Martinique, causing much dragging of anchors and multilingual cursing Friday looked much better so I checked out and had a very relaxing sail down to St Lucia.

Elephants Child was barely heeled, the swell was right down, less than a metre, and we were still doing 6 knts plus. It was also nice to be passing other boats. This usually only happened on my previous boat if the boat we passed had gone aground or had a VERY dirty bottom.

The check in was very professional but needed much filling in of paper based forms and took more than an hour. Still it cost half what I was expecting so that was good.

The sunset was above average but no green flash. I wonder if the guys on the sunset sail for the punters were envious of the square rigger who actually had some canvas unfurled. It too is a party boat.

However I had arrived on Friday and the village of Gros Islet holds its famous 'Jump Up' street party on Friday soooo I guess I will not get much sleep till much later.

I will leave you with a little conundrum.

How do you think they get this boat onto its pontoon?

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