Sunday, June 20, 2010



Down to my last pair of clean underpants it was time to find a laundry. The recommended "SUDS" operation was closed so I put out a call for the next operation on the list. These guys picked up from the boat, washed dried folded and double wrapped in polythene. They then delivered it back to the boat apoligising for taking a day longer then they said. They were HALF the price of the other operation. Guess who is getting the business the next time I am here. Sparkle is the MAN.

The Briq Unicorn

I have seen this very atmospheric 2 masted briq taking punters out for their sunset sails for a few days and being filled with 'satiable curiosity' went over for a closer look and a chat with one of the crew.

He told me it was used as the Henrietta in the Disney "Pirates of the Caribbean" film and appeared in "Dead man's chest". But he said although this ship wasn't used as the Black Pearl some of the scenes were filmed on its decks.

So I suppose if you were looking for a sunset jolly then this would be preferable to one of the many big catamarans that they fill with punters then fill the punters with rum.

I then had a closed look and was more than a little concerned about what I saw. It is definitely in need of a major refit and some new planking. It has holes in it!

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