Saturday, June 26, 2010


I have been up and down like a yoyo closing the hatches with every squall at night. The dinghy has had to be bailed out most days and timing the runs ashore have required a good look upwind to guage how dark the clouds are.

Still it is warm and who cares if it is raining when you are swimming or scrubbing the awning down. Saves having a shower or rinsing the soap off from the awning.

I had wanted to get a check up and blood test to see what my cholesterol levels are doing so had planned to stay this week and get this done. Good results with everything except my triglicerides being within limits. Even my triglicerides are coming down.

The young sailors from the yacht club are a fearless lot, blowing 25 knots and black squalls cutting viz down to almost zero and they are still out there. There is at least one safety boat out with them but I am amazed at how self reliant they are, righting their Opies and Lazers, bailing furiously and carrying on to the next mark.

Mind you not all casualties of the squalls are able to carry on, this one will need a new roller furler, headsail and some work from a rigger before they are off again.

I am off tomorrow down to Marigot Bay then St Vincent on Monday and Bequia by Tuesday.


  1. That first photo is spectacular!!

    Wishing I was there...

  2. Just because your cholesterol is OK, doesn't mean the stents are. You need to take a stress test as well.