Sunday, October 23, 2011

Judy arrives and settles in.

Well Judy flew down from Maine to sail on Elephants Child for a while. The flight arrived at a time that allowed us to beat the traffic jams and curfew jams that bedevil the roads around the capital in the late afternoon and evening.

We are having a few quiet days at anchor which is great and Judy has a chance to decompress from her working days in Maine and bcome a laid back cruiser. Mind you I have not got her to take her watch off yet.

Sooooo not running on island time yet.

We toured the anchorage and found a little cove where boats go to die and another cove where the stranges building lined the shore. I can not figue out what the arches are for.

Between them was the shipyards and oil rigs which get worked on 24/7 or at least it appears that way from the noise.

I am sleeping through it and Judy did get a good nights sleep last night after a good sunset even though I think we had generators and our neighbours main engine running late.

Just heard from Victor and Nilo and family that Frodo their beloved black lab has crossed the rainbow bridge and is chasing birds in the sky waiting for his owners arrival.

We will see if we can get a tour of the island sometime next week and after that a good weather window to sail up to Grenada.

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