Saturday, October 1, 2011


Got dropped back into the water on Friday morning pretty much on schedule. There were a few last minute jobs that could have held us up but it all went to plan in the end.

The paint job is excellent and it is clear that Selwyn and Michael really know how to get a good finish even though they work outside in the dusty conditions of a boatyard. The weather gods smiled on us though with only a couple of afternoon showers and mostly calm conditions in the early morning when he would spray.

This was the job that I thought was going to be a problem. The mechanic with the special tool to change the bearing was very elusive but did turn up and did get the job done.

I was going over to the local roti shop shack inside the boatyard for lunch and while there supporting the disabled and the greens. I am sure I have read somewhere that it is bad to feed iguana on processed foods but these guys certainly scarf down left over roti skin. The one legged grackle is really fearless and if you look away from your plate for a few seconds he is in there for a tit bit or two.

I was looking forward to a really good nights sleep at anchor but I forgot it was Friday night so there were a few party boats on the go and after I finally got to sleep a fellow cruiser came buy and woke me up to warn me that there was a local boat adrift in the anchor field and banging into boats, with Elephants Child in the line of drift. Eeek !

It did drift past only a few metres away and there did seem to be some attention being paid to it so for once I did not put on my good samaritan cloak and speed to the rescue. I was just too knackered.

But the sun is shining this morning and I slept late so with a good breakfast inside me I will set to and clean up the decks which are covered in dust and overspray.

It is a boat, there is always something to do.

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