Thursday, October 13, 2011


and into my newly painted and pretty Elephants Child.

I might be paranoid but it really feels like they are out to get me.

This was the boat that broke free a few nights ago and drifted through the anchorage. Somebody towed it out and anchored it but it dragged again. I guess it might be abandoned as it looks like things like winches have been stripped of it. Certainly nobody loves it anymore. However somebody else came out and dropped a second anchor from it so it looks like it is staying put. However it is now one boat over from me.

Then this tow job came by. Now it is often squally and fairly strong currents run through the anchorage. So I feel entitled to worry when a fairly large steel work boat is towed past me by a rubber dinghy with a small outboard. Eeek

Then we had a squall and several boats dragged, I was out there with fenders at the ready eek eeek !

Oh well what was painted once can be repainted if needs be I suppose.

I visited Port of Spain on a shopping trip bus organized by Jesse James of Members Only who does taxis tours and airport transfers.. We first visited this shopping mall. Now I was confused by the name as the mall was clearly short, small and square. I guess there is a Trini explanation somewhere.

The bird life here is prolific with a fairly large colony of frigate birds that sometimes seem to gather together and make a mass raid on the poor pelicans. Also I have a kiscadee that comes and sits on the solar panel array and noisily tells me “Kiss me too, Kiss me too” at least I think that is what it says.

We had a pretty sunset although it signals the time to “start ze generators! “ which run all night and light up the barges, tugboats, workboats, drilling rigs and other contraptions that litter the harbor.

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  1. Might as well just put a scratch on that new paint job yourself. Murphy just won't sleep, or let you sleep, until he has got you.
    Given the generators I don't suppose you are getting much sleep. My thoughts are why stay, best thing about living on a boat, you can just move house.
    Have fun.
    p.s. Frodo is on his last legs. Heart condition and just won't eat. I had no idea how hard this would be.