Thursday, October 27, 2011

Karma Half Boats and a great pot luck.

For the last month or two I have been without a depth sounder due to the through hull transducer failure. The transducer got replaced during the haulout but the job of leading the cable throught the space under the cockpit was waiting to be done. Basically I needed a hunchback legless dwarf. So I put out a call on the morning net for a small person and bravely Devvie fom Artic Tern answered and crawled into the space and did the business. Kudos and much good karma to Devvie.

We met her again at the cruisers pot luck at Peakes which we enjoyed on wednesday night. General Tso's chicken barbecues really well and Judy's brownies disappeared at the speed of light. We also talked a lot with other adventurous cruisers about possible routes if I ever decide to leave my comfort zone.

You know that phrase in Jaws "We are going to need a bigger boat!" well here is one mans solution to the problem. Cut it in half stretcch it and glue ine a new bit.


  1. I think t will take a brave man to take that boat out of site of land for some time.