Friday, January 6, 2012

St Lucia to Martinique.

Of all the people that might anchor right over the top of our anchor and hamper our attempts to leave it was surprising to see Chris Doyle, the doyen of the Caribbean Cruising guides slide in right in front of us and drop anchor so as to settle back and sit on ours. This despite acres of anchoring space.

Still he hung on and maneuvered clear of us as we up anchored and left for Martinique. The strong and blustery winds of the last weeks had abated and we had full sail up. We romped up, covering the 20 odd miles in 3 and a bit hours without it being too stressful. But no whales , no dolphins and only a few baby flying fish to show that there was life in the ocean.

Turning in to Marin I checked out the Club Med but alas the topless volleyball courts were empty, in fact the sun loungers were empty, the beach was empty and the only people on show were a few hardy types in the bar along with a mastless French race boat anchored tight to the beach.

Cul de Sac du Marin is a peaceful anchorage from the point of view of having flat water and shelter from the trades but we are being serenaded tonight by some loud African style drumming and Judy is alarmed by the number of boats running through the anchorage without lights.

Still we will look forward to visiting the local bakery in the morning for a croissant and a cup of breakfast chocolate.


Well we did not make it in to the bakery for croissants but did visit the patissiere for a baguette and sticky cakes for lunch. Tarte aux pommes and myrtille crumble yummmmmmm.

As we relaxed in the cockpit for sundowners I had a moment of real biting nostalgia and a wish I could turn back time to my hang gliding days. As the sun set a couple of paragliders took off and started working a small bowl above out anchorage. How I wished I was up there with them flying around clouds washed pink by the setting sun and enjoying total freedom.

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