Thursday, January 26, 2012


What is the most unlikely thing you might expect to see in Dominica, in this little mountainous Caribbean island. I got a big surprise when I went to check in at customs. To keep the suspense going I will post the pic at the bottom.

The anchorage was full in the preferred corner out in front of the Purple Turtle. We managed to find a nice spot and had a peaceful night. I did not bother checking in on the afternoon when we arrived knowing that they are pretty laidback here. Not so laidback were the boat boys who, on spotting that I was only flying the Q flag, were on the attack waving local courtesy flags and warning of terrible customs retribution if I did not hoist the Dominica flag. Fat chance there I thought, I would be surprised if the customs boat has fuel! And if it does they have better things to do.

After checking in we went for a wander around Portsmouth, the street wise chickens were still there playing in the traffic, the dominoes game was as noisy as ever in the bus station car park and the rather strange lady who haunts the grocery store was still telling her story of the conspiracy that had robbed her of her mobile phones. The only surprise was the work going on at the seafront to cut up and carry away one of the many rusting hulks that decorate the seafront. I wonder if it is a private initiative and it is just someone improving their view or maybe just maybe the government is finally tidying things up.

Back in Martinique

Before we left St Pierre we explored the town looking for stonework that had survived the volcanic eruption of 1902 and feeling strange to walking over some of the cobbles that had been laid by slaves 200+ years ago.

A Trinidad and Tobago dragster – go figure what it is doing in Dominica, never mind the Caribbean, the customs guy certainly didn't. But there it was all covered in a neat custom made cover sitting on a trailer. The pic is of it in action. Where I know not but I can't believe it's Dominica.

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