Saturday, January 21, 2012

Stad Amsterdam and the Royal Clipper and a torn sail

After the Chopin we have had the Stad Amsterdam and the Royal Clipper square rigged cruise ships visit us. I got a good pic of the Stad Amsterdam at night all lit up. Reminded me of the Pirates of the Caribbean somehow.

The Royal Clipper went past me leaving Fort de France and hoisted a veritable cloud of canvas. The web site says that they can fly 42 sails and it looked like they were all hoisted and pulling that big lady along. I was on my way to pick up my mainsail in the dinghy so did not have a camera.

Tear in my mainsail

It was my own damn fault, I was cranking away on the mainsail halyard winch and it was a little slower going up than normal and somehow a panel near the head of the sail got trapped somehow on a shroud or maybe a running backstay. Anyway the result was a 6 inch near vertical tear in my mainsail.

It held up as we sailed over to Fort de France and where we were going to do some banking and get some dinghy fuel and now some sail repairs

So I had a sweaty afternoon getting it off the mast and into the dinghy. It was a real unwieldy load as I was reluctant to remove the full length battens as this requires dismantling the Battcars and then there will be problems getting the tension right on refitting. I have the sail setting just the way I want it at the moment.

But the good news was that the local sailmaker is right on the waterfront so I was able to deliver the sail from the dinghy straight into his workshop. The repair should be straight forward and he has promised it for Friday afternoon.

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