Thursday, March 28, 2013


Tomorrow is the first race day and the boats have been getting tuned up to go racing.

For some this means removing the remnants of last years duct tape and applying a new binding to hold the split in the bamboo boom together.

For others it is getting their trapeze skills refined but for one it is the time to test out his redesigned hull.

When "Confusion" was first launched it was the fastest boat that year winning three races and bragging rights but it was slipping down against other boats. So the owner and designer decided that it was too fat at the back and thin at the front. Removing the planking, slimming the back frames and opening up the bow sections before replanking was his solution. Final rigging touches were being applied and tomorrow will see the test in the first race.

But it is not only local boats that are blowing past my cockpit.

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