Sunday, March 31, 2013


It is easter and I am in Bequia so that means there is some racing going on.

I put down my morning coffee and dinghied over to where I could get a good view of the Admiralty mark which is the first one the boats hit after the start.

Confusion is one of the local boats and was a race winner when first built. The owner and builder thought that she was not quite right in terms of her hull shape so she has had her planking removed, frames reshaped and replanked. All this on the beach under a shade tree. Going well when I saw her.

The spinnaker class looked like they have been practicing since there were no blown launches or wraps that I could see which was in marked contrast to the last time I watched them here.

The Melges 24 Caraibe Marine is posted on the board in the Frangipani as leading the regatta but the website has the second race which they won as being under investigation. I believe the protest flag has been flying.

The Freedom 44 Allana looked well and made a good start unlike Beauty, the locally built cutter, who was either having control problems or was making penalty turns. Later on I saw them crossing tacks and it was a close finish.

But hey who cares the sun is shining and the beer is cold.

More details here CLICKY at the offical web site.

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