Friday, March 22, 2013

When I started this entry it was raining in Bequia. Which is pleasing the locals no end as there has been a prolonged drought here with cisterns nearly empty. It kept me on the boat yesterday so I did some odd jobs one of which was emptying my email spam box.

It was a little disconcerting to find that instead of being bombarded with ads for viagra, appendage enlarging devices and lonely Russian girls I am getting deluged with ads for insurance to cover my burial expenses, motorised wheelchairs and something called Geritol.

But the sun was out next morning and this was in the bay. Now regular readers will know that I don't much care for cruise ships but if you have to have one then something like this is the way to go. A proper square rigger she came in last night looking like something out of a fairy tale with her lights literally sparkling and twinkling, it must be some new special effect.

Something else was in to, a big shoal of bait fish and the gulls were scarfing them down. Because the pirates of the air the frigates were circling above the gulls stayed on the water.

After the stress of the morning, you know, wheelchairs, cruise ships etc I needed a little comfort food so it was off to Mariannes Ice Cream parlor and a coconut ice under the shade tree. Which is also looking a bit stressed due to the drought.

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  1. Hahaha... on the change of adverts on your spam mail. You must have been visiting some websites that gave your age away or lead them to believe you're in need!!

    Have anyone on board with you these days? I haven't forgotten and still think about joining you for a bit.