Saturday, January 4, 2014



We have been without water on the boat for a couple of days now and the word from the marina is “sorry we can not supply you with water”, the story goes that the pressure is so low that they are reserving what they get for their slip customers.

So it was a nice day and the wind was favourable for Martinique therefor we pulled tha anchor and broad reached the 25 miles to Marin in Martinique and a water supply that survived the Christmas eve storm.

We were pulling the anchor the following morning and heading in to pick up water from Bichik. I was just persuading the last foot or two of chain into the locker when I looked up and realized that we were on a collision course with another yacht, Patricia just had not seen the second yacht while concentrating on another one.

I have not moved so fast for a long time. I managed to get to the wheel in time and we slid past literally inches away from the other boat with much shouting from the crew/owner.

We were very fortunate. It would have been a VERY EXPENSIVE HIT. At least a bow roller pushpit and possibly a roller furler maybe even a mast on the other boat, on Elephants Child stanchions chain plates and maybe the mast plus lots of fibreglas and paint.


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