Monday, March 10, 2014


The sun has been shining in the mountains and the clouds have gone on holiday. The good weather was predicted by the weathermen so I was surprised that the higher snow sure resorts like Alta were no busier.

I have spent the last three days skiing at Alta. Alta does not allow snowboards and maybe that was why it was quieter. The snow was excellent even late in the afternoon and I had a great time making big wide sweeping turns on the slopes. I mostly stick to the prepared slopes but did spend some time in fresh powder on Friday. I was following a local who knew of this route into a secret stash of powder. It was fun but soon had my knee complaining so it was back to the 'groomers' where my knees do not have to work so hard.

Some people climb up on the ridge lines to access fresh powder others just twist the throttle on their snowmobiles. Their noise seems so wrong in the mountains.

Today they are forecast a frontal system with a promise of some fresh snow. The lence shaped clouds over the mountains suggested that the winds will be blowing up there.

Perhaps I will have to find another poker game. I really enjoyed playing at Erics 500th home game. Proper poker table and chips. Great fun playing Kansas City Lowball!

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