Thursday, March 13, 2014


As the cold front has dropped some snow and the temperatures I thought it worthwhile to drive to Park City. The snow was perfect and the pistes pretty quiet. The lift operation must run at a loss but I guess they make their money on real estate. The average house selling for 2M$ +.

After lunch I joined a resort history tour hosted by Gaynor who made sense of some of the features I had noticed as I skied around the place.

Like the conveniently placed suggestion box.

The skeletal figures are supposed to indicate that Park City uses renewable energy sources.

She told us about the origin of the name Blue Slip Run. The run was used by resort workers heading home at the end of their shift. However the area was out of bounds at the time. The resort Human Resources manager stood at the bottom of the run one day and handed out blue slips [ dismissal notices] to those using the short cut.

She also told us about the origin of the name Park City. The area was travelled by the early Mormon pioneers on their journey to where they settled and built Salt Lake City. One of their leaders, Parley P. Pratt, explored the canyon in 1848. He was given a charter the following year to build a toll road through it, which was finished in 1849.[6] The basin at the top of the canyon was good for grazing, and a few families settled there. Early on, the area was deeded to Samuel Snyder, Heber C. Kimball and Jedediah Grant. The settlers named it "Parley's Park City", which was shortened to "Park City" in the early 1900s. Practicing polygamy, Pratt was murdered in 1857 by the estranged husband of his twelfth wife. He had a total of 30 children, and his living descendants in 2011 were estimated to number 30,000 to 50,000. He was a great-great-grandfather of Mitt Romney, the 2012 Republican candidate for President of the United States. Remember he is the one who wears magic underwear.

I met an skier in his 80s. He invited me over to play with his full size tank and anti aircraft gun.

Smart phone add on. You can get an alarm APP to help you wake up. As well as ringing it generates the smell of frying bacon.
An old gentleman staying in the same hotel as I called 911 when he could not turn his engine off. This was the turnout.

Finally this quote made me think.

Only in America are poor people fat.

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