Sunday, July 13, 2014


I am having a good time down here around Bequia and St Vincent. while I wait for my spiffy new dodger to be finished. I sailed back to Elizabeth Harbor for a trial fit yesterday and it is looking good. Neater than the last one and of course I can see through the glass.
I met some interesting you people who were wandering around some of the out of the way spots on Bequia. They were off the Jubilee Sailing Trust vessel the Lord Nelson. What makes this tall ship special is it is adapted for handicapped people and they take an active part in sailing the ship. I had seen her before and watched some one who was legless being hoisted up a mast in a bosuns chair. After working their way right into the dock they tied up alongside which made goisg ashore easier for those with wheels.

I have had the first phase of chikungunya and am waiting to see how bad the second phase will be, the joint pains which have been crippling for some people. Most people on the island of Bequia have had it and I wonder about it being only caught from mosquito bites.
The beach patrols for turtle hatches are just about over now so I will be staying here in the harbor until the dodger is done then heading down to Carriacou for the regatta which starts on July 27th. so plenty of time for diversions en route.

I had one diversion this morning which I found creepy. Mr Google wished me happy birthday.

Big Google is watching me. Should I feel paranoid. I am sure I did not give him my correct birthday, I never do when reistering for sites.

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