Thursday, July 31, 2014


In the trilogy the Lord of the Rings by J R R Tolkien there is a section where the fellowship of the ring are attacked as they pass through the caves of Moria the great underground city of the dwarves.
Well as I lay in bed this morning dozing while I waited for the morning cruiser's net to start on the VHF I was suddenly transported to Moria as the same single drum started to beat in the depths. At any second I expected to see Gandalf readying himself to fight the balrog and I could hear the thunderous tramp of the trolls coming to kill us all.

But I was waking up to another sunny day in the Caribbean and as I slowly came back from middle earth it was all much more mundane, just someone was working inside a tank on one of the giant barges that are at anchor, someone beating seven bells out of something with a large sledge hammer but with the same rhythm as the drummer in the depths of Moria. As for the trolls it was just Dizzy, that little cat also known as THUNDERPAWS rushing along the cabin roof on seagull scaring duties.

Fund raising for the Carriacou childrens fund is in full swing with cruisers and local businesses both working together. Last night Tante Lizzy provided the venue for a great pot luck which raised 0ver 700 dollars. That is 700 lunches for hungry school kids who would otherwise get nothing. It was the perfect Caribbean evening with a magnificent sunset.

There are some local boats in the boatyard getting a little last minute fettling and the first race is tomorrow.

This one got splashed this morning and right away was heading out to work up to speed.

The only fly in the ointment is a disturbance in the Atlantic which has a dose of the ' WILL I WON'T Is' and while threatening to develop into a proper storm has not yet done so. This means it stays south and just might threaten us this weekend however Antigua is the island most worried and that is well north.


I am closing todays entry with something that struck me as being a fine example of US television. One of the major networks has had the status of their news programs downgraded. It no longer rates as news with the FCC but comedy/irony. Fox go hang your head in shame!


  1. Sorry, but no truth in that one.

  2. Just because the downgrade is not a fact does not mean it's not true

  3. Ah not true then. Well in that case lawyers will be licking their chops as the news clip seemed to come from another news network.