Friday, July 25, 2014

Tyrell Bay Carriacou

I had forgotten what it can be like sailing in gentle winds. For the last few months it seems to have been blowing 20 - 25 knots on every passage. Today for the short hop down to Tyrell Bay

it was a gentle 8 -10 knots and we were sailing upright and chuckling along gently through a sea of sargassum weed.

I tossed a line over and was expecting a Mahi Mahi if anything as we were doing 6 knots but had a hit withing minutes and it was some kind of tuna or bonito.

I took these pics leaving Bequia as I passed the little islands with passes between them that the locals use.

This guy choosing one and getting it right.

This skipper getting it wrong.

Speaking of skippers getting it wrong, This one was trying to shoehorn a

megayacht into Clifton harbor but wisely took it and it's jet skis off to palm Island.

The water down here in Tyrell Bay Carriacou is pretty clear so Dizzy likes to sit on the back steps and watch the fish that congregate under the stern of Elephants Child.

The storm out in the Atlantic that I had been keeping an eye on did dissipate as forecast but it still bought with the disturbed weather a big thunderstorm which woke me up in the middle of the night and had me on anchor watch as 40 knot gusts ripped through Tyrell Bay. Elephants Child did not drag nor did anyone upwind of us but there was shouting and reanchoring elsewhere in Tyrell Bay. Blue skies and gentle winds are back this morning and Dizzy is stuffed full of bonito.

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