Thursday, March 25, 2010


Well my last post about travelling across country with dogs raised some activity on the comments section.

However here is how I remember travelling around with our dog well Carol's dog, and it was a case of me providing the muscle and sweat and the dog travelling in style. Thanks to Carol for digging the picture out from the folders on Washington. We walked down to the damn and explored the area around it with Charo but his back legs just were not up to the climb back up so he hopped on board and I did the mushing.

Martello tower?

I thought at first that this might have been some sort of fortified gun position as it is placed to allow it to cover the bay with cannon fire but it has a more mundane use. It was almost certainly one of the many windmills built and used in the 1700s to process sugar cane.

Like many islands in the Caribbean, Antigua's economy was defined by its sugar plantations. Each plantation had its own windmill (sometimes more than one), which crushed the cane between rollers to extract the juice.

In 1705 there were reportedly 170 windmills on the island, and many of the towers remain, though often in a state of decay.

This one is quite well preserved.

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