Monday, March 1, 2010

Heineken Regatta in St Maarten

We are in the lagoon for a week and will take in the regatta as well as getting some stuff done.

The organizers claim that this regatta is the largest in the Caribbean, a claim that I am sure is disputed by Antigua but 200 plus boats have turned up to sail and party. We are comfortably ensconced in the lagoon and will not be racing even in the cruising class. I did have a single moments temptation, but like Oscar Wilde said about exercise I went and laid down until the thought went away.

The regatta starts on Tuesday with some match racing in the lagoon with some international names in the fray. We will be able to watch from the boat but might get up close in the dink.

I think that they will be in fairly small boats about 20 foot long sponsored by one of the local chandlers. It will be interesting to see how the rock stars of the sailing world do it.

N.B. We will be on the internet less frequently as the megayachts all have their own powerful systems and in wifi terms they are SHOUTY so block out everybody else.

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