Sunday, March 21, 2010


I moved down to Five Island bay in the hopes of getting some clear water amongst other things but it is like pea soup sooooo I have been doing a some exploration on shore.

Just off my stern is this feature called Stoney Horn on the charts. However I think it is the remains of a lava flow as is the other nearby headland. The formations both remind me of pictures of molten lava flowing down into the sea.

The beach hs no obvious road or path leading to it so I dinghied over and climbed up to the point where the blowhole seemed to be. As you can see from the pic it is a fissure in the tongue of lava and while not as spectacular as the one in Bufadora it is still impressive. Shooting 30 feet or more skywards.

I wonder how old these flows are. A quick search on the 3W comes up with nothing on Antigua being active in recent years.

It is a quiet night and a sunset that has run a highlighter over the edges of the clouds.

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  1. The blowhole in Bufadora was something to see,and we got wet because we stood right over it. Can you put a picture up? I don't think the video will be possible.
    For anyone who doesn't know Bufadora it is a town in the Baja Mexico. Fantastic market, lovely locals, who got to know us, probably because they thought we had a white wolf as a pet.
    There's a great picture of John skipping around a field with a bunch of orange californian poppies that he picked for me. Looks good for a 6'2" 18stone(+?) ex - paraglider