Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Match racing and plumbing victories!


Iris folded herself into the space under the cockpit and we worked out the plumbing intricacies and tracked down the reason for the lack of water in the front shower. As I had suspected it was not connected but the break was in an unexpected place. When we found the disconnection it was a matter of minutes to remove the shunts, connect up the T pieces and then the water flowed in the front shower.

I also have a series of pictures of the inaccessible [ to me anyway ] space under the cockpit with its plumbing and electrical work shown thanks to Iris.

After lunch we went off to watch the match racing and discovered it was a pretty high powered affair despite the rather humble and mundane boats being raced with many of the top boats being skippered and crewed by Americas cup sailors. The top prize of $5000 dollars was not to shabby for a mornings work either.

We could not understand what was going on as there seemed to be 4 boats going at it but it turns out that when it was explained to us that it was match racing one one one but that two races were on the course at any one time with a staggered start. The start line maneuvering seemed exceptionally aggressive with many penalty flags being waved on all sides before any racing started. But I suppose if you are used to getting close up and personal when sailing megabucks 60 footers then 20 foot Jeaneaus are a slow and relaxed by comparison.

Many thanks to Marc Fitzgerald long time skipper of the megayacht Sojana who took the time to explain things to us.

We will be watching for Sojana racing in spinnaker 2.

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